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(VR) Are You Going To Buy This House Or Not?


(VR) Are You Going To Buy This House Or Not? Callie Jacobs is a nervous wreck. She is running late for her home showing and is at risk of losing her job if she does not close the deal. To top it off, her new client (you) is extremely attractive, and she always gets awkward when turned on. Sure enough, from the very start of the home viewing Callie Jacobs starts to fuck up. Then the unthinkable happens. While pulling out the paperwork her favorite vibrator falls out of her purse, right in front of you! Callie freaks out and just lays it all out and on the table. She really needs you to purchase the house. She really wants to suck your cock and feel you inside of her. She needs you to do both things and needs them done right now. As it turns out, you are extremely interested in both items. The house can wait though. Bending Callie Jacobs over and beating that pussy up is the most pressing item right now…

Date: July 16, 2020
Actors: Callie Jacobs