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(VR) Dinner With Breakfast


(VR) Dinner With Breakfast How many times have you had to wait for your girlfriend when you were having a date in a fancy restaurant? If she needed more time, why did not she tell you to move the reservation to 8 PM instead of 7 PM? And the situation can only get even more unpleasant if it is your first date – as you can forgive your wife for being constantly late, but why would you do that to the girl that you have just met? Well, since we are talking about Emily Willis – an incredibly hot brunette VR porn star – we are sure that you might consider being forgiving this time and, if only you are lucky, this could pay back to you really soon! Inside of the Dinner with Breakfast blowjob VR porn scene, the girl might be late for over an hour, but when she will finally get here, she will be well aware of her mistakes and will be more than happy to reward you for being such a gentleman and waiting for her. Do you even know where is the “dinner with breakfast” term coming from? Well, it basically means that you are starting your date on the time of a dinner – a regular evening meeting – and it is prolonged to the time of breakfast… meaning that you are about to spend a night with this wonderful teen VR porn whore! To start the fun and get you in the mood for what is about to come over the entire night, the girl will first get on her knees and suck your cock under the table while still in the restaurant – and now you do not regret that you have waited for her all this time and you are actually kind of happy that she has been late, aren’t you? Wear your VR goggles and join Emily in 6K UHD VR now!

Date: January 6, 2020
Actors: Emily Willis