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(VR) HixHiking


(VR) HixHiking After you quit your job in the office you finally found time to do something that has always been on your bucket list. A long, solo trip out and into the hot Nevada Desert in your RV to find yourself. You have packed up all your necessities and headed out to experience life in a whole new way. On your trip out and into the desert you thought you saw a mirage in the distance. An extremely hot babe hitchhiking out in the middle of nowhere. How in the world did she get here and what are the odds of you coming along to her rescue?

You let the stunning Emma Hix into your RV and decide to let her stay the night with you while you deduce how to get her car fixed in the morning. That evening over a bonfire the two of you have a real connection and you feel some chemistry and sexual energy. You cannot believe your luck. You went out to the desert alone and perhaps found something far more special than you could have ever imagined. To top it off, Emma Hix has something incredibly special planned for you in the morning. She is going to thank you for rescuing her in a way that is going to blow your mind. It involves using her incredible body to make you blow your load all over her perfect tits. The two of you are on one incredible journey that neither will ever forget.

Put on your Virtual Reality Headset and enjoy a trip out and into the desert with the stunning Emma Hix in this brand new VRHush Exclusive Release!

Date: February 12, 2020
Actors: Emma Hix