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(VR) I Have A Surprise For You On Christmas!


(VR) I Have A Surprise For You On Christmas! Christmas this year is something else. Kayley Gunner woke up this morning to find a brand-new car out in the driveway. She cannot believe you bought her a new car for Christmas! Kayley spent the morning getting ready with her roommate, Jenna Noelle and bragging about her new whip. The only issue is that Kayley Gunner did not get you much of a present this year. She purchased you a gag gift but nothing on the level of a new car. Not a problem though. Jenna Noelle has Kayley’s back. They both know what you want most this Christmas. You want to fuck them both and at the same time. You have been a good boy this year. Maybe you get to finally go balls deep in both beautiful women this morning…

Date: October 28, 2021