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(VR) I Told You Not To Cook Anymore!


(VR) I Told You Not To Cook Anymore! One of the new skills you have been trying to learn recently is how to cook. Everyone knows you are terrible in the kitchen, but you keep trying. Today, you are attempting to surprise your drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend Spencer Bradley with a nice homecooked meal. You know she will be home anytime and there is nothing like having dinner prepared and waiting after a long day in the office.

When Spencer Bradley gets home, she can tell you’ve been at it in the kitchen by the smell alone. Spencer finds you in the kitchen butchering some overcooked noodles in a pan. Luckily for you, this has the desired effect. Sure, you botched the dinner but you did turn Spencer Bradley on in the process. You can feel her soft lips on the back of your neck as she reaches around to turn off the stove. She whispers that you can finish dinner later. Right now, she wants to fuck the hell out of her caring boyfriend. Fuck cooking, time to do what you are best at. Fucking the stress right out of Spencer Bradley’s amazing body.

Date: September 11, 2020
Actors: Spencer Bradley