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(VR) No Pole, Nicole!


(VR) No Pole, Nicole! Nicole Kitt needs help studying for her upcoming game theory test. It is not that she lacks the knowledge to ace the test but rather she just cannot stay focused. Nicole knows that she can make way more money stripping than getting through college and finding some internship that will have her working in a cubicle. The cubicle life is boring, and Nicole Kitt loves dancing for money. To top it off, whenever she gets stressed out, she finds herself just masturbating and procrastinating. She stopped by your pad to get a little extra tutoring prior to her test but as usual she just cannot stay focused. To make things worse, her vibrator rolled out of her bag and in front of her tutor (you). After making a bet that even you would agree her dancing is more of a money maker than the internship, Nicole Kitt decides to give you a taste. Time to sit back and see if Nicole Kitt’s ass can make the cut and bring in the big bucks.

Date: November 1, 2020
Actors: Nicole Kitt