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(VR) Selling Her Goods


(VR) Selling Her Goods Buying clothes can get both very interesting and satisfying as well as frustrating – when you’re doing it together with your wife, it’ll most likely be the second option, unfortunately. It can take a while to find the best outfit, and waiting is never a pleasant thing – especially when you’re expecting to get home and fuck. So here you are: sitting on the shop’s coach, with your wife craving for some new wardrobe and while being horny as fuck – sounds like a disaster, right? Not in the VR porn movie of VR Bangers! In this virtual reality porn fantasy called “Selling her Goods,” Kimmy Granger, hot VR pornstar with a beautiful face and a stunning body will become your living mannequin, showcasing some clothes for your wife on her own, hot body.
Getting alternately naked and dressed with such an explosive physique could get any man hard – especially when you were horny already – which on the other hand could make a girl turned on. Sure, there’s your wife in the next room, but as soon as you two will be quiet enough… And what’s more, the fact that she’s there somewhere is only spicing the things up, don’t you think? Wear your VR goggles and jump straight into this babe VR porn video to bang Kimmy and finally undress her of this hot lingerie set that she kept revealing to you while presenting the clothes for your girlfriend. She’s been working here whole day and it’s been a while since she’s had some good hardcore fucking, and since she loves that kind of banging, she’ll do everything to get some of your increasingly hot dick for her own to play with. She’s always been into married guys, and you too are fulfilling some of her fantasies, so do not hesitate and screw her hard in this immersive VR porn movie!

Date: May 22, 2021
Actors: Kimmy Granger