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(VR) SexGiving Day


(VR) SexGiving Day This guy was pretty bummed out when his boss invited him to Thanksgiving dinner at her place and he felt like he had to go if he wanted to get the promotion at the office. He was certain it was going to be a boring, lame dinner, but right away it started with a bang when his sexy boss took him to the kitchen, invited her sexy friend in, and both girls pulled his dick out so they could suck it. It became very clear very quickly that these two were looking for a very erotic type of basting. Both babes sucked and stroked his cock until he was rock hard then his boss went for a ride, bouncing on his dick while her friend spanked her ass and kissed her. They ladies then switched spots so her friend could put her huge tits in his face as she ground her hips into him. Their pussies felt so amazing he couldn’t hold out so the Thanksgiving feast got off to a sticky start when he came in both their mouths.

Date: September 16, 2021