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(VR) Summer Is The 69 Of Luv


(VR) Summer Is The 69 Of Luv Jazmin Luv just got back from the Catholic Reform School that her parents f*rced her to attend for the past few months. You know, one of those places that “bad girls” attend to help them change their ways. Now it is summer, and Jazmin is enjoying her time reading and hanging out by the pool back at home. She cannot keep her eyes off her stepsister’s Boyfriend (you) though. It is even more difficult when she sees you chilling by the pool while her stepsister is off at work. After sending her friends a few pics of how hot you look sunbathing, Jazmin Luv makes a move. She does not plan on fucking you. She just wants to have you take some hot pics of her by the pool. It is not Jazmin Luv’s fault that you have a huge cock and her hot teen body makes it rock hard. If anything, she is just being kind and not letting you sit there with blue balls… Charity, right?

Date: March 7, 2022
Actors: Jazmin Luv