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(VR) This Party Is So Lame… Let’s Fuck!


(VR) This Party Is So Lame… Let’s Fuck! Have you ever been to a party where everything was just a bit too loud and chaotic for your taste? You know the feeling. You showed up to this party because your buddy told you about all the hot chicks that would be there. Turns out they are hot but also annoying with their obsession with their phones and social media. Now you find yourself sitting at the bar, alone and wishing you could find that one girl who seemed legit and kept eye fucking you from across the pool. Fortunately for you, Amari Anne also feels the same way about the party (and you). She did not know where you went earlier but found you sitting alone at the bar. Just so happens Amari Anne is not only an excellent bartender but also one hell of a dancer. After some flirting at the bar, she invites you over to the living room to watch her outdance all the annoying girls outside. Both you and Amari Anne can feel the sexual tension in the room. It is a party, why not fuck right here at the bar? The risk of being caught only adds to the thrill of the fuck. Now, time to focus on Amari Anne’s amazing body and make this party one that you will never forget…

Date: November 9, 2020
Actors: Amari Anne