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(VR) Virtual Girlfriend Aislin


(VR) Virtual Girlfriend Aislin Get treated to the perfect girlfriend experience starring Aislin. No messy plot to get tangled up in, just the beautiful blonde Aislin and her desperate need for you. “Would you like to lick my nipples?” she asks you. That’s a ridiculous question – of course we’d love to! SexBabesVR took a slightly different approach to this one, throwing aside the male actor and filming everything to give you the most immersive experience possible. Without a guy in the way (who, let’s face it, you didn’t really want to look at anyway) they can really get the camera into the best position, giving you a realistic view of the action that, combined with their high-quality 5K recording, will really give you the feeling that you’re right there with your beautiful, blonde, busty girlfriend.

Date: March 19, 2022
Actors: Vika P